Mauritius – A fine blend of cultures colors and tastes


Mauritius is an island nation located off the coast of African continent in the southwest Indian Ocean. It is a volcanic island, a tropical fantasy blessed with abundance of sunshine, trade winds; palm fringed endless beaches and coral reefs which double its panoramic beauty. Uninhabited in 1507, now the country has assimilated visitors from every corner of world which shows its great diversity and tolerance. A holiday trip to Mauritius surely enchants you with its beauty, uplifts your soul and makes you feel that you are the blessed one. Every encounter offers you an opportunity and helps you to discover its mesmeric beauty which unfolds its myriad facets, contrast of multitude cultures and a fine blend of colors and tastes.

Mauritius Beach

Mauritius Beach

There is so much to see and explore in this oasis of tranquility, where past smoothly blends with present and where the beautiful shores compel you to return again and again. To enjoy all this and much more all this you have to do is to grab deals on business class flights and enjoy a beautiful journey of this amazing destination. Getting away to Mauritius to enjoy your holiday proves to be a good break for you which will surely reduce the stress of working life.

Astonishing beaches

Sugar-soft white sand, gin-clear water, year round sunshine make Mauritius no less than haven. The paradisiacal beauty of this island falls short of description. It is indeed a combination of utopia and bliss which makes this islands a natural wonderland. No matter whether you love land or sea you will be surely entertained by adventure in Mauritius.

A medley of museums

Though beaches of Mauritius is the main reason for most of the visitors to enjoy their holidays but it is the island’s museums which celebrate everything from history to tea and from photography to even postage stamps. The Blue Penny Museum on the Caudan Waterfront of Port Louis a memorial to some of the most valuable misprinted stamps in the world. It displays precious heritage collection about Mauritius and the region The Natural History Museum is the oldest museum in Mauritius is a home to more than 35,000 geological sample and natural history specimens. Housed in the old Royal College in Port Louis, this museum showcases the rich and diverse flora and fauna of the country.

Visit seaside village of Grand Baie

A tourist attraction that you just can’t afford to miss is Grand Baie. This seaside tourist village is not just for night birds but is also the best spot for those who love shopping and wants to enjoy some leisure time. Here visitors can indulge in plenty of amazing activities like swimming, sailing, windsurfing, water skiing etc. It is also used as departure point for helicopter excursions, deep sea fishing and boat excursions to islands to the north of Mauritius such as Gunners’ Quoin, Round Island and Serpent Island etc. There is so much to do in Mauritius and you simply love to be here to enjoy one of the most memorable holiday of your life. For this just fly to Mauritius from London and enjoy one of the unforgettable holiday experience of your life.

Natures wonder Black River Gorges

If you are a nature lover then you must visit the Black River Gorges which is a national park in Mauritius. Spreading across an area of 16,244 hectares, this is the best place to enjoy wonderful species of birds in their natural surroundings. The beauty of land itself is a treat for eyes. It was opened for visitors in 1994 and is maintained by National Parks and Conservation Service.

Night life and Se’ga Dance

Mauritius is also renowned for its vibrant night life and Se’ga a traditional Creole dance which is held regularly around the island. Women wear the colorful ruffled skirts and live music beats just builds the tempo which even involves the visitors. The region of Grand Baie has some of the most popular pub, clubs and bars where visitors can enjoy exotic drinks along with live dance performances.