Mauritius Symbolises Natural Beauty


A slice of paradise, temptress of Indian Ocean and adventurers’ haven, and there can’t be a succinct description of Mauritius, an island country nestled in turquoise waters of Indian Oceans. The country renowned for its famed beaches and surreal surroundings is a haven for sunbathers. If you think the islands attractions are only confined to its beaches you won’t be forgiven for underestimating its potentials as the inland island is made up of green forests and magnificent mountains.

boats at tropical beach resort

Boats at Tropical Beach Resort

Here we take a cursory look on the major tourist attractions in Mauritius.

Port Louis

Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius is well known for its fabulous shopping options. But besides its shopping options, the city has several cultural attractions which tourists would love to visit. The Blue Penny Museum is Mecca for those with a love for stamp collection. One can also visit the Natural History Museum where an ancient dodo skeleton is on display. This multicultural city is home to some magnificent churches, mosques, and Chinese and Indian temples. The visitors can also get to the top of Signal Mountain to see the spectacular sunset of the city. Tourists board business class flights to Mauritius to explore this destination which houses some of the plush hotels and dining spaces.

Grand Baie

A popular fishing village just two decades ago, Grand Baie has rediscovered itself as the major tourism hub of the Mauritius. The place is highly acclaimed for its tourism and entertainment options. In addition, it offers fabulous attractions, beach activities and excursion options. Tourists travelling with kids can visit the Aquarium situated in the north, where they can feed fish and see a shark. If you want to know more about the history and culture of island you should visit the interactive museum, L’Aventure du Sucre. One should opt for a guided tour to understand the museum better.


Besides its magnificent natural beauty, the island country is also home to some architectural marvels. Eureka, the French colonial mansion with 109 doors and a complete wrap around balcony to evade tropical heat is a masterpiece of architecture. Nestled in the backdrop of Moka Mountains, the building looks all the more spectacular.

Casela Nature & Leisure Park

The island country has its share of nature and wildlife. Most of the tourists visit this place to spot pink pigeon which are major attraction here. The visitors and wildlife lovers should board a mini safari bus that offers spectacular view of the surroundings.

Les Vanille Reserve des Mascareignes

Those on a family vacation should pay a visit to Les Vanille Reserve des Mascareignes situated amidst lush foliage. The tourists should visit this park where children can spot baby Aldabra tortoise or crocodile. The park also has a large population of macaque monkeys.

Black River Gorges National Park

This national park is situated in the Southern part of the island has several hiking trails. If lucky, you can spot the macaque monkeys. To give this area an air of spirituality there is a 33ft statue of Shiva which is a sacred place for Mauritian Hindus.

Domaine de L’Étoile

This former sugar state has been converted into an eco-playground. It is a favourite place for quad biking trips, horse riding and mountain biking.

With various attractions to see and several activities to take part into, Mauritius surprises tourists with its diversity. Tourists often take flights to Mauritius where a cultural, architectural and historical treasure trove awaits your arrival.


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